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Amberside ALP is giving investors the opportunity to buy ISA qualifying bonds and benefit from tax free income generated by loans to infrastructure projects. ALP is backed by specialists including Amberside Capital and CH1 Investment Partners. The experienced team conduct professional due diligence on every transaction, provide a clear understanding and suitable mitigation of the risks involved and support borrowers not served well by major high street banks. With the first loan already in place, Amberside ALP have a pipeline of solar parks, grid support facilities, effluent treatment plants and other similar infrastructure projects.

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Your Financial Adviser can provide access to the following rates:
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If you would rather invest directly the following are available:
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Tax Free Returns

Our bond can be purchased within your ISA wrapper by either using your annual allowance or transferring previous allowances. This means all interest will be paid tax free.
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  • Gross equivalent annual interest to an additional rate taxpayer if investment is held in an ISA.

RISK WARNING: Investment through Amberside ALP places your capital at risk and returns are not guaranteed. Potential investors should read the Information Memorandum in full, paying particular attention to the risk factors section, before making any investment decision. The Information Memorandum is available at All information provided is accurate to the best of Amberside ALP’s knowledge, however cannot be relied upon as investment advice. We recommend you talk to a qualified financial adviser before making any investment decision. Investment is only open to those for whom it can be assessed as suitable. This document is a financial promotion approved by Amberside Capital Limited (FCANo.706218)


Amberside ALP (or Asset Lending Platform) will use bond funds to make loans to infrastructure projects and similar asset backed cash generative opportunities. We have identified a sector of the market, approximately loans below £20 million, which is poorly served by banks and the other usual providers of project finance for infrastructure assets.
The first loan made by Amberside ALP is a £17.5m loan to build a large greenhouse in Suffolk. The 8.3-hectare facility will grow premium tomatoes for a major supermarket chain.

The lender has the first charge over all the borrower’s assets, including the 25-year lease over the land, and the base case financial projections show the borrower will generate 50% more cash than is needed to service the debt in all periods. Furthermore, the project company is raising an equity cushion expected to be of at least £5m.

Other loans being considered or recently considered for ALP include:
A ground mounted UK solar park. Experienced partners are seeking short term funding to build solar farms. These loans will be supported by security over the assets being built, a parent company guarantee from the developer, a robust turnkey contract from the building contractor and a defined purchaser identified at the outset.
An eluent treatment facility to process the offtake from major food producers, generating green energy and clean effluent which can be discharged into watercourses. Revenues are supported by a strong contractual structure with a large corporate effectively giving fixed payments.
Grid Support Infrastructure. With increased levels of intermittent renewable energy generation on the National Grid, back up generation is needed to ensure continuity of supply. ALP have several “gas to grid” projects in their pipeline which are designed to provide this continuity. These projects typically use generators, fuelled by natural gas, to generate electricity in times of high demand. Revenues are earned both from the generation of electricity when prices are at their highest and from availability payments from the National Grid. Often loans are required purely for the construction phase with a pre- agreed sale or refinance in place once the assets are operational.


The management team have extensive experience of managing both individual infrastructure projects and institutional fund management. The team have managed investments of over £2,000m in infrastructure, solar, commercial property and UK asset backed lending over the last 15 years.

Rob McClatchey – Chairman. Previously a Managing Director of Barclays Infrastructure Funds business in the UK and Europe until 2013. With c£1.5 billion assets under management, he led investment in a diverse range of assets from renewable energy projects, small health and education projects, student accommodation, transport and local authority assets.

David Lomas – Director. Previously a Director at Barclays Infrastructure Funds where he made and managed equity and subordinated debt investments for five infrastructure funds with combined commitments of c.£1.5 billion. David has energy investment experience from Oxford Capital where he led investments and exit processes for renewable energy projects and portfolios. David began his career at ANZ Investment Bank lending to and advising on a range of infrastructure projects.

Matthew Evans – Director. Matthew is an experienced asset manager and adviser who has raised over
£300m for UK infrastructure and debt financing in the last 10 years, including solar, anaerobic digestion and tidal. Previously a co-founder of Vestra Wealth LLP. He currently sits on the boards of several UK renewable projects.

Richard Spacey – Director. Richard is an experienced asset manager and adviser who has raised over
£300m for UK infrastructure and debt financing in the last 10 years. He has a wide range of experience of investing in solar and UK renewables. He sits on the boards of several UK renewable businesses including managing in excess of £70m of UK ground mounted solar assets.

David Scrivens – Director. Founding director of Clubfinance Ltd, a direct-to-consumer retail brokerage which he successfully exited through a trade sale to Wealth Club Limited in January 2018. David has founded several other successful companies, including an ICAEW regulated accountancy practice, a financial modelling business and an energy consultancy and developer.

Dan Scowcroft – Investment Manager experienced at leading many successful infrastructure refinances, including a £190m refinance for a listed solar fund. Dan ensures institutional and banking rigour are followed through the financial models.


Amberside ALP has established a lending criteria and loan making process to ensure risks associated with the underlying loans are well understood, mitigated as far as possible and managed by those motivated to do so. The lending team will undertake a rigorous due diligence process for every loan that is recommended to credit committee. When considering loans, the credit committee will pay particular attention to the management team and partners involved; the projected cashflows which will be used to service the loan and the underlying security taken over the assets of the borrower.


We recognise the importance of identifying and managing any conflicts that may arise when we make and manage loans. The independent Chair will play a key role where other Directors are conflicted both in approving loans initially and in managing any underperforming loans. The Chair will have no interests in the underlying companies receiving loans other than through his role as Chair of Amberside ALP.


The platform has been setup using tried and tested technology provided by Goji to allow investors and their advisers to make and manage investments quickly and easily. All the information required by investors is set out on the platform, including the bond offer documents, the security documents and a comprehensive set of FAQs. Advisers can make recommendations for their clients and manage their facilitated adviser fees throughthis portal. Investors who would prefer paper-based application should call 0203 9501 777 or email for further details.


The platform is available direct or through an adviser. Due to the important role advisers play and the lower costs to ALP for customers using an advised route, advised customers typically receive a 0.5% per annum enhancement to the direct rate on our bonds. ALP can facilitate adviser fees of up to 0.5% per annum.


The ALP team are here to provide an institutional level of rigour to the retail investor market and allow retail investors access to the same risk and reward levels that are normally only available to large pension funds and family offices.
The team go out of their way to answer investor queries and provide information where possible.

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